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A recognized leader in electrical services industry

Improving our customers’ lives by providing effective solutions.

We are the professional electric service provider

We provide the highest quality electrical services.

Make your home safe and smart with Arc Electrical Solutions

Custom home electrical solutions


Layout and assembly of control cabinets and motor control centers, built to customer specifications.

  • Delivery of systems and controls from our facility to yours.
  • Installation of systems, conduit, cable tray, cabling, devices and all the junctions.
  • Data and fiber optic network cabling.
  • Testing and calibration of installed systems.

We respond promptly to service your needs

What We Offer

We offer a comprehensive range of electrical services for domestic and commercial properties at a reasonable price.

Arc Electrical Solutions

proudly serves top-ranking clients with on-site services for many types of custom installations.

From convenience stores to retail

we offer a strong value with our commercial clients.

We are up to the challenge

We look forward to serving the challenging and unique needs our clients may present and providing solutions that make sense.

In the residential wiring market

In the residential market we deliver competitive solutions for custom home wiring.

Outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting, pools, sheds and detached buildings

Custom installation

Qualified installers prevent unseen problems that may place your family, home or business at risk

Our Projects

Our project shows what are the services we provide.

" In service since 2008 "

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    Why Choose Us?

    We are committed to delivering first class solutions

    Electrical wiring, controls, light fabrication and welding, fiber optic and copper network cabling, control panel assembly and lighting.

    Licensed and insured with references available from our long list of satisfied customers.

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