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In the residential wiring market

In the residential wiring market there is no shortage of competitors. Many builders rely on the quickest and least expensive providers to get a home to market as quickly as possible with the least amount of cost. This often leaves a new home owner with an electrical system that may be adequate to pass codes, but no more than that in terms of how the home electrical system is used.

Outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting and other structures are often overlooked in the race to get a house to market. Pools, fountains and out building electrical are services that are almost always overlooked during construction. From deck lighting and sound systems to garden and accent lighting we can provide solutions that will help your home electrical system deliver more value to the user. Often, a properly installed system will increase the value of the property when it comes time to resell. From concept to completion, custom installations done properly are a service we are proud to deliver.

Custom installation

Custom installation of structured wiring in existing walls can be a daunting task. Inexperienced and under qualified installers can actually cause problems that remain unseen and place your family and property at risk. Home theatre and gaming systems often include many components working seamlessly together to deliver the ultimate experience. Simply connecting these systems can be a challenge. Custom installation of cabling and components to deliver the highest aesthetic and operational capability is a solution we are proud to offer. We deliver competitive solutions for custom installations of home electrical, automation, communication and entertainment systems.

For more on custom home wiring

For more on custom home wiring, let us meet with you during the planning stages. We have solutions, references and a show home that incorporates some simple solutions that go a long way in making your home systems more valuable to the user.

Our Capabilities Include​

Layout and assembly

Layout and assembly of control cabinets and motor control centers, built to customer specifications.

Delivery of systems

Delivery of systems and controls from our facility to yours.

Installation of systems

Installation of systems, conduit, cable tray, cabling, devices and all the junctions.

Testing and calibration

Testing and calibration of installed systems.

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